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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara Xtreme 4.0 released

Charles Moir a écrit :
> Sure I saw that list. My list could be ten times longer than that, not
> surprisingly, because I know Xara as well as you know Inkscape. I could
> probably list ten things about the Freehand tool alone that betters
> Inkscape, and many, many dozens more for the other features and tools.
> Does 'blend tool' count as one item. I'd rather list the ten reasons why
> our blend tool is better than anyone else's blend tool such as
> Illustrator's or CorelDRAW's.  So in my list that one item could easily
> be ten items.
> You see the point.  We could both waste a great deal of time creating
> more and more detailed lists. I simply do not see the point and do not
> have the inclination to play that game.
> Charles
please stop comparing lengths... that will lead us nowhere... all this
energy could be used to try (at last) to create a living community
around XaraLX and to provide the world something nice and whole.

Of course XaraLX has nice features on paper... but the point is there :
these are mostly *potential* features as far as linux is concerned.

At the moment Inkscape is an oss project alive and moving forward (
2000+ posts on the three las monthes on devel list, 1200+ commits for
the same period) while  XaraLX is an aborted semi-oss project (14 mails
including the current troll and zero commits).

So please don't attack grinders like Miguel de Cervantès hero... that
will lead xaralx nowhere :(

Community building is  eveything but a simple thing to do... and you can
trust me : fighting like that will never be good as far as community
building is concerned.

my 2 cents,