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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara Xtreme 4.0 released

Mr. Phil:

You are destoying yor commercial base. I first buy Corel Xara, then Upgrade to Corel Xara 1.5 but I stoped using the product just because we think that Corel Draw will enjoy of better support, now we see no future in Corel Draw, so I start looking for alternatives (Adobe is not an option) and I find Xara Xtream, we buy from you some licences (you could verfy that my user id is gabrielramirez3001@xxxxxxxxx) we began the evaluation of you product and chosed it, just because we want a file format that we can count to be with us in the next years to come even if your compnay disapears (we are facing to loose years of work (from 1992) because the future of Corel Corp. is unclear). Most of the PCs on our 5 companies runs windows, but we feel that if Xara desapear, we can count that we are not going to loose our work just becasue an OSS version was available. Months ago, with de CDraw conflict becames clear that Xara is not an option and we stop the project to licnese your software for our companies. You losee the oportunity to became the Standard format for graphics, for a true multiplatform perspective and has far has I can see your only chance to beat Adobe.

On Fri, 2008-04-04 at 11:23 +0100, Phil Martin wrote:
Going back to Philipp's original question, as Charles says it's very 
unlikely that Xara 4.0 will be made available for Linux and the reason 
for that should be obvious: The Linux community doesn't want it enough.

Xara and Alex put a lot of effort into porting the product to Linux, 
documenting it and setting up support structures. We went as far as we 
reasonably could without destroying our commercial base. The Linux 
community were unwilling to meet us in the middle, preferring to stick 
rigidly to their principles. (It has to be said that if Xara had offered 
the same opportunity to a commercial organisation a much more pragmatic 
approach would have been taken, to the mutual benefit of both sides.)

So that's the current state. Any further discussion about Xara's 
development on Linux is pointless unless one side or the other changes 
it's position. Let's all move on from this.


Philipp Schmieder wrote:
> Well, I don't think we'll get Xara 4.0 for Linux, will we?
> Regards
> Philipp

Gabriel Ramírez P.
CEL: (+57) 315-311-9911

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