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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara Xtreme 4.0 released

Going back to Philipp's original question, as Charles says it's very unlikely that Xara 4.0 will be made available for Linux and the reason for that should be obvious: The Linux community doesn't want it enough.

Xara and Alex put a lot of effort into porting the product to Linux, documenting it and setting up support structures. We went as far as we reasonably could without destroying our commercial base. The Linux community were unwilling to meet us in the middle, preferring to stick rigidly to their principles. (It has to be said that if Xara had offered the same opportunity to a commercial organisation a much more pragmatic approach would have been taken, to the mutual benefit of both sides.)

So that's the current state. Any further discussion about Xara's development on Linux is pointless unless one side or the other changes it's position. Let's all move on from this.


Philipp Schmieder wrote:
Well, I don't think we'll get Xara 4.0 for Linux, will we?