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[XaraXtreme-dev] Picking up the pieces? An attempt...



  In the 2nd half of this mail there are some very valid points.
  Please read it and discuss it on list.

  I am no C(++) programmer, nor do i know cairo or wxwidgets well,
  but i am willing to try to revive this community by supporting a
  port to the cairo kernel with my available ressources, like server
  space and employees.

  is ANYBODY (xara employee or not) still interested in doing this,
  or is this down to name-calling, fingers pointing and advocating
  alternative graphics apps through picking fights [yes, with the
  last statement  mean  bulia byak especially, whom i haven't seen
  one single constructive mail from]?

  Do we have a status of the cairo port other than ripping our cdraw
  and seeing where it complains?

  Let's stop the advocacy for a second and get this moving again. We
  can pick up the political bull when we have a press release ready
  that this alternative version actually does something.

  I'm even prepared to offer bounties for certain features or parts,
  so i am serious.

Best regards,
 Thomas                          mailto:thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx