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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Tabbed dialogs

Alex Bligh wrote:

You are quite right. HOWEVER it then has a more serious problem.
If pDialogWnd fails the IsKindOf test, that's because it is a wxPanel,
in which case it has no ShowModal method to call - your cast will
surely just make it jump into the middle of nowhere?

This would only be a problem if the panes themselves were marked modal,
as I presume the outer dialog is a wxDialog. But the test would
seem not to be a great idea.



You're absolutly right, I was just fixing the fact that the ShowModal wasn't being called and not looking any deeped. I think that the problem was that I hadn't used the right base class in the IMPLEMENT_CLASS macro, so OurTabbedDialog wasn't getting the right classinfo. Fixing this means I can remove my erronious condition. See SVN #928.