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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Galleries and focus handling

Luke Hart wrote:

Phil Martin wrote:

*8. No external focus upsets*

Mouse wheel events have nothing to do with focus or active windows - they are sent to whatever control the mouse is over. Important: Neither the operating system, nor the application or any layer in between must be allowed to move focus because of wheel events or because the mouse has been idle over the window for any period!

I think that if the user has setup the WM to give focus to a control when the cursor hovers over it, we shouldn't be dictating this. Also it will come in as a "focus-change" which will be in-distinguishable from a click focus change.


The reason I say that is, if we let external agencies move the focus around it will; (a.) break various parts of rules 1-7, thus making focus handling not meet the streamlined requirements any more and (b.) it could break the implementation of those rules which is likely to be moving focus around and relying on it being in certain windows at certain times.

So we need to so /something/ about it even if that just means detecting that that's going on and suggesting to the user that he turn it off!