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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] libstdc++5 or 6

> Thinking about it, when gcc >= 3.4 is installed it must also install
> libstd++v5, but this obviously will come with lots of baggage (like
> whole compiler collection)! Reallistically the only way of intsalling
> maybe from source, since I don't think most v5 based distributions
> this as an option.

So in summary owners of v5 based systems aren't able to run new
applications that are based on v6, without building something from
source or doing a major system upgrade. 

So it seems for application vendors like us it's hard to benefit from
the newer compiler versions without losing a proportion (I wonder what
proportion?) of their potential user base. Or providing multiple
download alternatives of course, which is a pain and means the user has
to know which version they actually need for their system.