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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Making 'persistent' changes to dialog templates

Alex Bligh wrote:


--On 04 May 2006 09:20 +0100 Luke Hart <lukeh@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm finding the descenders of the static text entries in all of the
export dialog pages are cropped off, also on my laptop the ends of the
anti-aliasing options in the 'bitmap size' page are clipped. You can
bring up the export dialog by pressing ctrl-shift-e (or via the file
menu), and the tabbed dialog is displayed after you enter a file name.
The dialog templates are stored in bmapprev.xrc.

I was actually thinking that the best way of fixing the problem was to
actually convert the dialogs to use sizers, since they aren'y very

Sure, if you want to do the conversion, that's fine. If you could
rename the file (svn mv) that would be great as my converter will
then not overwrite it. Similarly if you want to take ownership
of the "strings" file, please rename that too. Mmmm.. perhaps we
should have a naming convention for the ones I've converted,
something like "cvt-xxxx" so that people know not to edit them manually.

How do you propose to keep the tabs the same size or doesn't it matter
under wx?

The only problem is if we want to make "global" changes (less common
in dialogs than in bars I suspect) we can't pick them up automatically.



Will I have to use new dialog IDs for the converted dialog templates? If not how will I avoid collisions with the auto-generated reosurce?

I've converted the whole of an xrc file, so if it's possible to just remove the rc from the files to translate that maybe the best way forward.