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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Latest build test.


The tooltip bug? (no tooltip on the dropdown button). I have only
seen it in 2.6 but I only ever link LX against 2.6. Should be trivial
to replicate.

I'm mainly asking because HEAD uses the non-deprecated gtk combobox
control. GtkComboBox instead of GtkOptionMenu.

Ooo OK, I didn't realize that had been changed. I took it everything
was heading towards the wxODComboxBox code which seems to use no
native control at all. Wanna try building and linking with 2.7? the
last time I did that was 3 months ago.

The sample should show to do it. I do it in my pet project as well.

Sure I pretty much know what to do. I want to provide an option whereby
the container can be loaded from XRC as well. This will allow additional
items in the non-tabbed bit - thinking about it Luke, how were you
planning on doing the preview panels in the bitmap export dialog
unless you can load them from XRC? That's also a pretty trivial

I think wx should add triple click events and just say that not all
platforms support it.

You're probably right assuming we can get it into 2.6.x - but blocking
them and suppressing the further clicks is just bizarre.

It shouldn't be hard to do a select-all on controls when FOCUS_IN
happens, though

Is that a "wx should be doing it anyway", or a "we should be doing it"?