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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Latest build test.

On Sun, 2006-05-07 at 23:24 +0100, Alex Bligh wrote:
> Mart,
> >> The tooltip bug? (no tooltip on the dropdown button). I have only
> >> seen it in 2.6 but I only ever link LX against 2.6. Should be trivial
> >> to replicate.
> >
> > I'm mainly asking because HEAD uses the non-deprecated gtk combobox
> > control. GtkComboBox instead of GtkOptionMenu.
> Ooo OK, I didn't realize that had been changed.

I believe I mentioned that to you before. There's of course runtime gtk
version checks to use GtkOptionMenu if it's lower than 2.4 (that
introduced the powerful GtkComboBox API).
I have currently pImplifying all that in my plate, to make the selection
between GtkOptionMenu and GtkComboBox implementation clean.

> I took it everything
> was heading towards the wxODComboxBox code which seems to use no
> native control at all. Wanna try building and linking with 2.7? the
> last time I did that was 3 months ago.


> > The sample should show to do it. I do it in my pet project as well.
> Sure I pretty much know what to do. I want to provide an option whereby
> the container can be loaded from XRC as well. This will allow additional
> items in the non-tabbed bit - thinking about it Luke, how were you
> planning on doing the preview panels in the bitmap export dialog
> unless you can load them from XRC? That's also a pretty trivial
> change.
> > I think wx should add triple click events and just say that not all
> > platforms support it.
> You're probably right assuming we can get it into 2.6.x - but blocking
> them and suppressing the further clicks is just bizarre.

2.8 will one day happen, would be good to have it there regardless.
Not sure if it can be considered for 2.6 or not.

> > It shouldn't be hard to do a select-all on controls when FOCUS_IN
> > happens, though
> Is that a "wx should be doing it anyway", or a "we should be doing it"?

Latter, if you guys want it so. Charles seemed to like it.

-- Mart