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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Latest build test.

Mart Raudsepp wrote:

- I save a file, enter a filename and press return. Nothing happens. I
actually have to click the Save button. That's us isn't it, doing
something stupid. Please tell me that's us.
That must be us because it's a GTK native file dialog as far as I
know and return works elsewhere.

Yeah, haven't had any bug reports for this. There are a few things lying
around for GTK native file dialog, should take a look soon. I don't
think any of those are very problematic, and probably don't affect Xara.
I see exactly the same behaviour in the wxWidgets dialog sample, hitting return with the focus in the name edit contrrol does not perform the save! This maybe because I'm using a bleeding-edge version of GTK (direct from cvs), but I would hope not.