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[XaraXtreme-dev] Keypress handling


It seems that having the key press handler in a window has 2 problems:

* If the window isn't present no key press handling is done (obviously). This happens when handling is in the Render Window and no documents are open. The problems we saw when I put the key handling in the view class are just a special case of this. * If the window isn't the one that is actually receiving the key press, the key down is lost (it's sent for IM handling and never gets any further). This means that we can't handle key presses in the main frame.

There are 2 possible ways that this could be addressed:

1) Move back to handling the keys at the application level. This is how they were working before the changes to satisfy the focus handling rules and had been proved to work. 2) Examine wx code and see if this can be modified to behave in a manner closer to how we'd expect.

I'd be inclined to suggest initially going down route 1, and then looking at a cleaner fix later (possibly after 0.5)