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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Autoreconf failure

Phil Martin wrote:

Just got the latest stuff and I'm getting a failure from autoreconf:

autoreconf -f -i -s
Copying file mkinstalldirs
wxXtra/Makefile.am:18: variable `libwxXtra_a_LDFLAGS' is defined but no program or wxXtra/Makefile.am:18: library has `libwxXtra_a' as canonic name (possible typo)



When was your last check-out? I can see any changes to wxXtra/Makefile.am in the last day, you weren't make changes again were you ? 8-)

SVN HEAD compiles fine on my machine. Does 'svn stat' report the file wxXtra/Makefile.am is in a conflicted state.