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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] autopackage

I downloaded it using Firefox on my FC4 and it didn’t give me the choice to run it either.  After setting it executable, double clicking gave me the option of opening or running and choosing running installed the support files and then XaraLX correctly.




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So it looks like your system is setup to edit the file on a double-click. Doesn’t it ask you whether you want to edit or run the script? My FC4 system gave me a choice.


We’ll have to point users to this page. Please follow these instructions.








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Neil Howe wrote:

Please can people try this xaralx autopackage and let me know of any
problems. So far I've tested it on FC4, Ubuntu and SUSE.

Doesn't work for me (FC4). I downloaded the package file and saved it to my desktop. The icon on my desktop shows that my system thinks it's a shell script (I guess it isn't?). Double-clicking it tries to open it in gedit and I guess because it's not a shell script, gedit gives this error: