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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Colour gallery, New colour dialog (newcol.cpp)

Alex Bligh wrote:
I have made a start fixing up the colour gallery.

Mark (Loumbert) - I thought I'd go get newcol.cpp to compile but when
I got to the colour drop-down I realized I was probably treading on
your toes as the colour editor uses it too. So I stopped. Bar the
colour drop down, it now compiles. I take it that you are converting
such dialogs to use dialog manager resource (SetGadgetValue etc.)?

It now looks like we have a simple use-case to convert over to

OK, I've pretty much done this. Colour dropdowns are now pretty
much working. So Mark, you should now be able to just (re)include
coldrop.h into the colour picker code.