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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] autopackage

Charles Moir wrote:
this' and probably even asking for admin password any less secure that
having the user go through an absurd, user-hostile, utterly secret and
hidden file permissions process. It's that attitude that will forever
assign Linux to geekdom and to never be taken as a seriously as a mass
market OS.

Whatever your views, this is a distro issue. If you use (on Ubuntu)
a .deb, it works (you can double click on it) (I believe). If you
do what you are meant to do (put it in a repository), it works.
If you use a tool which does not produce an Ubuntu package, well,
it's (very slightly) more difficult.

The way distros are meant to work is to encourage people to get
their s/w into the distro. If it's not in the distro, or you
choose not to use the distro installer, it won't be digitally
signed, and it won't be so easy to install it.

If and when LX is in Ubuntu/Redhat/Whatever (and by "in", I
mean even in multiverse), this problem goes away.