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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: [XaraXtreme-bugzilla] [Bug 1040] New: Freehand tool does not work when a dialog is up

bugzilla-daemon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


          Summary: Freehand tool does not work when a dialog is up
          Product: XaraLX
          Version: unspecified
         Platform: PC
       OS/Version: Linux
           Status: NEW
         Severity: normal
         Priority: P2
        Component: Freehand Tool
       AssignedTo: bugzilla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       ReportedBy: alex@xxxxxxxxxxx


Start LX. New Document. Open a dialog (tested with Alignment dialog and options
dialog). Select freehand tool without closing the dialog. Draw on page. An error
comes up (clickmods.cpp "shouldn't get here but doesn't matter if it does"). On
the contrary, drawing then goes screwy - it draws on the page when it ought not
to, and the mouse button appears stuck down. The error even pops up again when
in other applications.


I'm getting problems with debugging the generation of the menus. It seems that some thing has grabbed the mouse cursor before the menu is dropped down, could this be the same problem?