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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text and color changes slow to appear

Gerry Iles wrote:
Well, the only things that happened between revisions 978 and 1017 that look suspicious to me are the status line and the keyboard handling changes. Given there is no keyboard handling when just clicking on the colour line and FilterEvent shouldn’t be slowing it down much, then I think it is probably the status line...
In fact, if you turn off the status bar in the window menu then these issues go away so it is definitely the status bar...

Hmmmm... some of that code is pretty random. It seems to do updates
too often sometime and not at all at other times, and various
pits of logic are (unless I misunderstand) never going to work.
It also misses lots of opportunities to cache things.

Is there some deep karma to when the status line is required
to update and exactly what it is desired to display, or can
I just rewrite it so it does roughly what I see on Xtreme?