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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] libxml2 header errors

In message <446A0A05.90408@xxxxxxxxxxx>
          Alex Bligh <alex@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Martin Wuerthner wrote:
>> When trying to compile the latest revision, I get the following errors
>> when camtypes.h is compiled:
> ...
>> This is on SUSE 10.0 with libxml2 2.6.20 installed. There seems to be
>> a problem with libxml's ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF macro - all the affected
>> lines make use of it. Does anyone else get these errors?
> New one on me....

I have just downloaded the libxml 2.6.24 sources and installed them 
and the problem has gone away. It seems that XaraLX does not compile 
with libxml 2.6.20 as supplied with SUSE 10.0. In the light of that 
maybe the version check should be changed to something higher?

It is not nice that things do not work with a vanilla SUSE 10.0 
install. I could not find any rpms of higher versions of libxml2 for 
this system, so as far as I can see everyone wanting to build XaraLX 
on SUSE 10.0 has to download the libxml2 sources and install them 
manually, bypassing the package manager, which is not really a 
recommended course of action.