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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] libxml2 header errors

> I have just downloaded the libxml 2.6.24 sources and installed them
> and the problem has gone away. It seems that XaraLX does not compile
> with libxml 2.6.20 as supplied with SUSE 10.0. In the light of that
> maybe the version check should be changed to something higher?
> It is not nice that things do not work with a vanilla SUSE 10.0
> install. I could not find any rpms of higher versions of libxml2 for
> this system, so as far as I can see everyone wanting to build XaraLX
> on SUSE 10.0 has to download the libxml2 sources and install them
> manually, bypassing the package manager, which is not really a
> recommended course of action.

Yes that's not nice. After 0.5 is out we'll look at this and hopefully
get it to work with any 2.6 version.