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[XaraXtreme-dev] Xara LX Help

We hope to release the main Xtreme help with Xara LX 0.5, with just a few mods to the main pages, to help Xara LX users use the tool.


Right now we maintain the help using RoboHelp. The plan is that we’ll move away from this to an open source help system, or more likely just use static HTML pages. But this won’t happen before 0.5.


RoboHelp can export a complete HTML/JS web site that seems to work pretty well even on Linux from our tests so far. So we can use this with Xara LX by just throwing up a web browser onto it (hence the work Luke is doing on this). But it’s not in a form that can be edited easily, so for 0.5 we’ll be telling users not to try and modify the help files that are included with LX.


When compressed, the help is about 6MB, so this will increase the binary download to around 17MB. But hopefully it’s worth it to have the help around for users.


It’s about 20MB uncompressed and 2,600 files! So given that for the time being users shouldn’t edit the help directly, it’s probably not a good idea for me to check this into the Xara LX source tree.


So I’m thinking that for now we just build the help into the Xara LX autopackage and don’t check it in at all.


Thoughts anyone?