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[XaraXtreme-dev] Irritating font dropdown list

Here (SUEE 10, KDE desktop), the font dropdown list works in an 
unusual way: I cannot simply click to bring up the list, then move 
over the font I want and click again to select it. If I simply click 
on the font field or the menu icon next to it, the list is displayed 
and vanishes instantly.

There are two ways to get it to work: One is to keep the mouse button 
depressed, move over the entry I want and only then let go of the 

The second is to keep the mouse button depressed and move outside and 
let go of the button. Then, the list stays on screen and I can make my 
selection in the usual way by clicking on an entry.

Neither of these workarounds is very nice and seeing the list appear 
and vanish instantly is very confusing for users. Do others see this 
as well?