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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Irritating font dropdown list

Rev 1097 on FC4 seems to work ok for me.  I can't actually reproduce
this problem at all.

Could this be a mouse capture issue similar to the problem with colour
drags?  Have you tried varying the speed of the click to see if it is
only fast clicks (or slow ones) that give the problem?

Incidentally, what is it meant to do with double-clicks?  Xtreme on
windows doesn't handle double clicks specially and double-clicks cause
two single click actions but in XaraLX it seems that if you double click
when the menu is not shown then it shows, hides and shows again,
resulting in the menu being shown and if you do it when the menu is
shown it just hides and shows it also resulting in it being shown.
Seems a bit strange to me...


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I'm seeing this too in the release build of 1097 using FC4. Most of the
time clicking the dropdown button flashes the menu up and it disappears
immediately. But it's inconsistent - it sometimes works as it should,
very occasionally. Can't see the difference between the clicks that work
and those that don't! Other dropdowns are ok.