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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Rescanning available fonts


--On 19 May 2006 11:12 +0200 Martin Wuerthner <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes, I will do it and it is hopefully not a big job. I do not think
checking in my current changes makes any sense until I got the cache
working - otherwise everyone will have a confusing wait of several
seconds each time the text tool is selected.

I was wrong earlier in claiming that the wait also occurs during
start-up - this only happened because TextTool was my default tool. I
guess it will happen though when the font gallery is enabled and open.

It is irritating to see the wait when the text tool is first selected.
Maybe we should have a pop-up window saying "Scanning fonts..." while
it is done? Actually, coming to think of it - just enumerating the
fonts is quick, so I could first enumerate them and then open each
individual one to enquire about its type, then we could even have a
window with a progress bar.

I'm tempted to say we should enumerate them at startup (i.e. do
all the work then) because fonts are going to be used whatever,
and then just look at incremental changes (i.e. see what fonts have
changed) whenever we need to rather than invalidate the whole cache.

I know it's six seconds for you, but not everyone has 300 fonts :-)

In future it would probably be better if our splash screen did more
than just sit there (it could for instance say what it was doing).
Given we're now using our own splash-screen class, that should be
quite possible.