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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Rescanning available fonts

> I'm tempted to say we should enumerate them at startup

This is what Adobe and others do.

> In future it would probably be better if our splash screen 
> did more than just sit there (it could for instance say what 
> it was doing).
> Given we're now using our own splash-screen class, that 
> should be quite possible.

In fact Adobe show a range of start-up progress notifications, listing
fonts, enumerating plug-ins (another time consuming thing).

On the other hand our near instant start-up is a huge plus for our
product (and when we come to start using it as a Photo viewer - planned
- it will be a requirement)

In fact our static splash screen is very static - even the versions and
compile numbers, dates are hard-wired in. We really need to be able to
display strings on it.  Is that easy with the new Splash class?