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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Problem in wxWidgets 2.6.3...


Gerry Iles wrote:
Well, I agree that we shouldn't be relying on patches to wx and I agree
that wxXtra/cwfrompoint.cpp also needs the same fix.

However it isn't trivial to switch to using it instead as it requires a
base wxWindow* whereas the standard wxFindWindowAtPoint(er) scans all of
the top level windows or are you suggesting that I write our own
wxFindWindowAtPoint(er) functions in xwXtra that do the top level window

Ah I forgot there are two variants of wxFindWindowAtPoint (one
undocumented) and I was using the latter. The one without the
wxWindow just calls the first.

Hold on a tick and I will provide a comparable call in wxXtra.

There are several other calls to it (camview, ccolbar and dlgmgr) that
will also suffer from this same problem and presumably there will be
other calls internal to wxWidgets that will suffer from it too.

Yeah we should change our own.

I'll submit the patch with your suggested change (I'm pretty certain
that by definition, if a window returns FALSE from IsTopLevel then it
must have a parent but no real harm in being safe).

My thinking exactly.