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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Executing Default Web Browser?

> Neil Howe wrote:
> > Yeah, ok, I guess trying possible misspellings of program names too
> > going a bit far!
> >
> > Are you going to do this Alex or shall I ask Phil? Or do we still
have a
> > better option to consider?
> I think whoever is doing the help should probably do it. It looks like
> just a list of command to work through trying desperately to execute
> each in turn until one succeeds. What I was volunteering to do was
> get session manager detection working which requires extra libraries
> etc. hoping to have a wxWidgets patch at the end. I suspect they will
> rightly not be interested in our short-term bodge! (hopefully meaning
> they will fix it properly)

Ok, can you do this bodge please Phil? The function needs to try
executing the following command lines and stop if/when one succeeds:-

<progName> <HTMLRef>


<HTMLRef> is a local file reference to
../share/xaralx/doc/<currentLanguage>/xaralx.htm (relative to program
location) if it exists. If not it should try
../share/xaralx/doc/en/xaralx.htm. Failing that www.xaralx.org. That
last URL will change when we have the help online somewhere.

<progName> is the following program names tried in this order:-


We'll need to tweak this list so make it easy to change please.

If all those fail, invoke wxLaunchDefaultWebBrowser instead. This
sometimes displays an error alert when it fails. Then give up!

Luke will send you some details about where the help code is that he's
done so far.