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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Handling SEGV etc. and recovering


Vasil Dimov wrote:

If the SEGV signal did not originate from a kill(2) invocation the
program behaviour after catching it is undefined.

You certainly do not want this. It can lead to infinite loops, memory
exhaustion or even data damage and loss.

SIGSEGV cannot be over-lived: the app should better quit just
like any other app does.

What it does is bring up a message box if it can. It looks very
carefully for infinite loops, memory exhaustion etc., and if it
finds them, it will just exit (it uses a recursion counter).

It then brings up an error box either telling the user an exception
has occurred and it's going to quit (hopefully giving them some
detail about where - I'm just working on that bit), or gives
them a warning telling them something dreadful has happened, we
are not sure whether we can proceed, and they should save their
work under a different filename.

I've tested it pretty extensively here and haven't got much more
nasty to happen than the menus not appear.

I still think that is better than the program disappearing
with no explanation. In 95% of cases it seems the user will be
able to save their work.

Give it a try and see if it works for you (try the "Crash Me"
options from the menu - the Ptr one does a null pointer
dereference, the render one does a null pointer dereference
from the middle of the rendering code).