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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Substituted fonts and Bug 1057


Yes, (presuming you mean "fc-match Arial"). Just Nimbus or Nimbus Sans?

amb@polonius:~/camelot/XaraLX$ fc-match Arial
n019003l.pfb: "Nimbus Sans L" "Regular"

I know there have been complaints that it doesn't map to Vera.

> On SUSE you get SUSE-Sans because the default fontconfig script
maps Arial to an AMT font that is not installed, which means that Arial is mapped to the global default, which is SUSE Sans.

That would appear to be a distro bug - mapping fonts to things
that aren't there makes no sense.

> SUSE Sans
is not a Helvetica lookalike though. Nimbus Sans is a much better match.

Font mapping can be improved significantly by creating a local fontconfig file that contains the required mappings. It might make sense to tell our users how to do that. For instance, my local file ~/.fonts.conf reads:

Sure - but we should not expect users to have to do this.