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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.5 recommended version source archive


When I try to compile XaraLX-0.5r1175.tar.gz I get the bshadow.cpp:749: undefined reference to GenerateFloorShadow
I mentioned several days ago.

OK looks like that is alright then

Btw does this "undefined reference to GenerateFloorShadow" happen on
linux too? If yes, are you sure you want 0.5r1175 to be the recommended

No, but I can't imagine why it would be FreeBSD specific.

All that happened is one of the parameters changed from unsigned
to signed. Is it errorring at compile time or link time?

If at compile time, I'm stumped. The header (Kernel/bshadow2.h)
should say:

bool GenerateFloorShadow(
        void* pCode,
        CONST BYTE*             pSourceBitmap,
        CONST BITMAPINFOHEADER* pDestinationInfo,
                  BYTE*             pDestinationBitmap,
        CONST UINT32   nRowOffsets,
        CONST INT32*  pLeftOffsets, <--------------- THIS CHANGED
        CONST INT32* pRightOffsets, <--------------- THIS CHANGED
        CONST UINT32  nTranslationShift,
        CONST BYTE*  pTranslationTable
) ;

This seems to match how bshadow.cpp calls it (aLeft[]
and aRight[] are INT32s).

If link time, we need to ensure your libCDraw.a is up to date and is
being linked it. Looking at date stamps in the "lib" directory it
looks like the ppc one isn't up to date (you aren't using that
are you?) but the others are.