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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Patches for Xara: Browser patch, --help patch, "?" -> "(c)" patch, some de_DE translation work


Have you signed the CA yet?
Well, Chales Moir wrote this noon that it had arrived.

OK - that's sorted (internal docs not updated).

I have checked all you work in except the command line help patch.
Here that gave an assert with "./XaraLX --help". I have not had
the time to look at why, but it looked like the command line options
were not right. Thanks for the patch.

I am taking it the attached de.po was meant to overwrite the
previous patch.

Question regarding the localization: Where does one find the "W" of
"Width of Selection" in the selector tool bar?

I'm pretty sure that's a bitmap. There was until a recently a
mechanism of overriding the bitmap based upon translation (i.e.
in the po file). That no longer exists for a technical reason
(namespace conflicts) - let me have a look at the best way
to fix this.

In addition, fail completely to get the menus translated.

I'm not quite sure where that is, but are you by any chance
translating against r1175 or similar? There was a bug (or
what I think was a bug) where ampersands ('&') were not
being treated correctly in translation. I think I have
fixed that with recent versions.