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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Patches for Xara: Browser patch, --help patch, "?" -> "(c)" patch, some de_DE translation work


Alex Bligh schrieb:
> I have checked all you work in except the command line help patch.
> Here that gave an assert with "./XaraLX --help". I have not had
> the time to look at why, but it looked like the command line options
> were not right.
So far programming something with a tool kit one does not know and
without compiling. :-/
I really wonder how they managed to get working programs at the good old
times of punch cards ...

+        if (parser.Found(_T("h"), &ResourceDir))
In any case, the "&ResourceDir" is wrong. Maybe the following works:
+        if (parser.Found(_T("h")))
which is again completely untested.

> I am taking it the attached de.po was meant to overwrite the
> previous patch.
Yes. (I actually don't see the translated files, yet.)

>> Question regarding the localization: Where does one find the "W" of
>> "Width of Selection" in the selector tool bar?
> I'm pretty sure that's a bitmap. There was until a recently a
> mechanism of overriding the bitmap based upon translation (i.e.
> in the po file). That no longer exists for a technical reason
> (namespace conflicts) - let me have a look at the best way
> to fix this.

>> In addition, fail completely to get the menus translated.
> I'm not quite sure where that is, but are you by any chance
> translating against r1175 or similar? There was a bug (or
> what I think was a bug) where ampersands ('&') were not
> being treated correctly in translation. I think I have
> fixed that with recent versions.
Hmm, I don't know what version
http://www.xaraxtreme.org/downloads/XaraLX.po is
However, that version contains msgid "&Close" and msgstr "&Close".
The binary I use is xaralx0.5_rev1199.tar.bz2.