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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] The make install target

Vasil Dimov wrote:


I have altered the FreeBSD port graphics/xaralx to install "by hand" the
necessary stuff (the desktop file, the man page, the icon, some
documentation and the examples). Till now the port used the stock
`make install' target which currently only installs ${PREFIX}/bin/XaraLX.

So here is everything I decided that can be useful and therefore should
be installed (from XaraLXSrc-0.5r1175.tar.bz2 for graphics/xaralx, and
XaraLX-0.5r1184.tar.bz2 for graphics/xaralx-devel):

${PREFIX}/share/examples/XaraLX/Designs/53 Corvette.xar
We put these in ${PREFIX}/share/xaralx/Examples

${PREFIX}/share/examples/XaraLX/Templates/1024 by 768 drawing.xar
We put these in ${PREFIX}/share/xaralx/Templates

Not sure that these are much use to users and possibly shouldn't be included

We put these in ${PREFIX}/share/xaralx/doc.

If not changed by the user ${PREFIX} defaults to /usr/X11R6.
This can be done by specifying --prefix=/usr/X11R6 on configure command-line (as you're no doubt aware)

The reason I did not create a patch for the XaraLX's Makefile.am
is that the "by hand" method is simpler for me and furthermore I am
not sure if the above paths are standard for Linux and other OSes.
I am pretty sure that this files:
are fine for any kind of UNIX. But I have doubts about where the
examples and the documentation are expected to be on non-FreeBSD UNIXes.
Yes, that sounds correct.

There are 6 paths above - man, bin, applications (for the desktop file),
pixmaps (for the icon), examples and doc. It would be great if the
`make install' target installs these somewhere by default and these
defaults to be changeable via ./configure options.
I'm a little surprised that FreeBSD deviates so far from Linux (or vice-versa). In fact spreading application support files through-out a system of directories doesn't make much sense. The autoconf stuff doesn't support this directory structure either, it does support bin, man (i think) and a data directory (PREFIX/share).