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[XaraXtreme-dev] Colour picker

I have implemented the advanced pane of the colour picker (r1213)
and made it resizable.

In order to make this a resizable dialog, I have had to tweak
the placing of the components a little bit. The eye-dropper
(not yet functional) now lives on the top row. If this really
gives anyone heartburn I suppose I could put it back but it
would be a pain. If it really has to go back I'd like to put
it back under the colour patches on the colour picker (or
to the left of them if they are vertical) - this way it
will waste less real estate. It now behaves like a normal
button. Similarly the "inheritance" checkboxes all fit on one

The constraint on the minimum size of the dialog in "advanced"
mode is really down to the width of the line with the components
on. That's why the picker will resize smaller in greyscale mode
than in HSV mode. If the web value were located next to the
"Help" button instead then this "minimum size" effect would only
be seen in CMYK mode (and the web value field could still
appear in CMYK mode too).

What I'd really like to know is whether this type of resizing
is acceptable, and whether the dialog as a whole looks acceptable
or needs radical size tweaks. For instance, I could make the
component edit fields as small as the ones on a double decker
bar, but I think it might start to look ugly.