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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer


There are more serious problems with the Intel Mac version than the PPC
Mac version.

That's partly why I haven't pushed the Mac build any further myself
(apart from having too many other things to do at the moment).


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> On 28/06/06, Neil Howe <NeilH@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> > Ben - I know you've been quite actively working on the 
> XCode project 
> > recently, so can you give us a quick reminder of where you 
> are with it 
> > for Tudor's benefit?  And the current state of the Mac Xara LX. 
> > Perhaps it would make sense for you to check in what you have or 
> > provide a copy directly to Tudor?
> 1. XCode project - I think that this has not been touched 
> since the first week in June. The last major ''bridge to 
> cross" was linking with libxml. All this is documented on the 
> Dev list.
> 2. Mac Xara LX - Using the methods on the build page, this 
> will compile link and run.
> 3. I have a few patches to the code needed for the Mac 
> version, but not with me today. Really there is nothing that 
> it is a show stopper.
> 4. Assuming that the plan is have an 
> XaraLX-Personal.xcodeproj at Gaddesden Place, then I would be 
> happy to mail mine to anyone who wants it; I don't (yet) have 
> experience in producing patches for the project.pbproj files 
> that work.
> I realise that I can't prove the my next remark, but I do 
> assure you that if I had a signifcant patch, I would post 
> about it or attach it to Bugzilla; and you are safe to assume 
> that my silence in fact maens that there are not major 
> problems in getting Mac Xara LX up and running, not that I 
> suspect that anyone trying would be eaten by bears like the 
> children who mock of the prophet Elisha:
> http://www.drones.com/wodehouse/ .
> A hearty welcome to Tudor, and best wishes to all concerned.
> Ben