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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Active view problem


--On 29 June 2006 22:04 +0100 Phil Martin <phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes it looks very much like that. I was half-expecting the non- visible
tabbed views to not even be in the list of visible windows or  to be
flagged as hidden but they are still in the list.

There's a wxNotebook-specific clause at the top of one of the
wxChildWindowFromPoint functions and it looks like that clause should  be
used for tabbed views - but it isn't.

Either that clause should be used or wxChildWindowFromPoint should to
take z order into account.

I think it's difficult to get a canonical z-ordering and I think your
first suggestion is better. However give me a day or two and I'll
put it on the wx lists, because we ought to fix the underlying problem
in the wxWindows routine (wxFindWindowAtPoint or similar) which is
where the code comes from.

I think this is "the wrong way to fix it" but I have committed a patch
to wxChildWindowFromPoint (in wxXtra - r1397) which appears to fix
the symptom of bug 1080, by treating non-active MDI client views as
hidden. That's slightly wrong for MSW where they can be present. The
real answer as discussed on wx-dev is to fix src/gtk/mdi.cpp in
wxWidgets and I might do that in a bit.

In the meantime, could you tell me whether the slightly ugly workaround
is sufficient for your purposes?