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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

> The non-wrapping text on a curve can actually be quite useful 
> as the text that overflows the ends of the curve keeps 
> following the direction of the curve.

I know that's why we did this - we thought it might be useful. It's
really not, and the price is way too high. It is confusing large numbers
of users - even Martin, who knows about as much about this tool as
anyone, couldn't work it out.

So we don't remove this feature, rather we change the behaviour of the
menu option, so it's no longer available. No great loss. And we gain
simplicity and consistency.

> Also, there is the 
> issue of backwards compatibility.  I certainly have test 
> files that rely on this behaviour and there must be quite a 
> few files in the wild that do too.

I'm not saying we remove the rendering code, just that when you select
'fit text to curve' you get the exact same results as clicking and
typing on the curve. i.e. you get a wrapped text and margin blobs. So it
means we remain fully backwards compatible.

> I think a much more useful feature would be a way to toggle a 
> story between wrapping and non-wrapping (regardless of 
> whether it is on a curve).  At present you have to create a 
> new story and copy the content across.

Yes I agree that pasting a wrapped or long text story onto a single
line, and it pasting miles off the right is rather less than useful. But
is only a couple of key presses to fix it, so I can live with this for
now (but I'll add the feature to the master wish list).