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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

> What we are currently doing with the indent blobs (and I 
> agree they should be consistent for wrapping text stories no 
> matter how
> created) is effectively to show the ruler on the curve on 
> which the text is typed. This (it seems to me) is probably 
> the most useful state of affairs for any non-horizontal text 
> story. I hope we will be able to keep this (potentially 
> additionally) and if Martin is doing (say) tab-stops, these 
> should appear on the curve too. I suspect ruler operation is 
> going to be pretty confusing for text on some curves.

I agree that it would be quite nice to keep this and even show tabs
blobs on the curve, but not instead of the normal ruler.  E.g. I know I
want tab spacing to be say every cm, that's sort of rather difficult to
arrange on a curve, but very easy on the straight page ruler.

So I think I'd like to keep the curve margin blobs, as they are now (we
shouldn't really be removing features), but we reflect these on the new
text column page rulers.

Yes it would be nice to perhaps show tabs stops etc in a similar way on
the curve (tricky and this is drawn under the first line of text which
isn't great), but not a priority for Martin right now.

Remember we're moving towards having text frames soon and the logical
place to draw a ruler in that case is across the top of the frame,
rather than on the baseline of the first line.

But again I'd rather have text frames working, margins and tabs on the
page rulers, text flowing and probably quite a few more text features
before having new fancy rulers across the top of text frames (that would
rotate with the frame etc).