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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

It is possible to make the text extend beyond the left indent/margin by
inserting a negative kern.  I'm not sure it is possible with the right
indent/margin, it may be if the text is right aligned but I think the
wrapping code will stop it happening.


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> It's all tied up with your new margin stuff I guess Martin, which is
> you're asking I presume.

Yes. When rewriting the text formatting code in order to handle tab 
stops I found the code to handle left/right indents and could not 
figure out how to set them using the user interface. That is clear now 
(at least in Xtreme), so I will be able to test that my new code 
handles these indents correctly, too.

> For consistency are you thinking of showing margins on the ruler for
> text on a curve just as you do for normal text?

Yes, but the ruler margins I have added are different from (i.e., on 
top of) the indents for text on curve. The latter are physical margins 
that change the space the complete text story is formatted into. 
Actually, as far as the text is concerned, they are not really margins 
at all. Instead, you can imagine them cutting out the piece of the 
curve that is really wanted. The margins that are set on the ruler 
(left, right and first line indents) are logical margins that apply to 
paragraphs. You cannot really confuse the two - the text is formatted 
using the logical margins (possibly different for each paragraph and 
possibly different for the first line of a paragraph as opposed to the 
others) into the physical space determined by the physical margins.

Regarding displaying the tab ruler in the ruler bar: A text ruler is a 
logical thing that changes the way text is formatted. The tab and 
margin positions do not generally match with the visual positions in 
the selected piece of text anyway. Imagine having a tab ruler in its 
own window in the top left corner of the screen. That would still 
work, but attempting to show the ruler aligned to the physical text 
position helps the user because the tab stop positions correspond to 
the tab positions in the text. At least in some common circumstances. 
Clearly, this is not possible for rotated text or text on a curve 
unless one wanted to display the ruler on the canvas, which is 
probably not a good idea in general.

Even for centered or right-aligned text the tab ruler positions do not 
match those in the actual text because no application I have seen so 
far moves the tab ruler display to accomodate the justification. The 
tabs are always displayed left aligned (with the ruler 0 position 
aligned with the left physical text margin).