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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

But what would the button do when there is no margin to wrap to. i.e.
you clicked and just pasted, and had the silly long line we get now.

Do we create a right margin at the side of the page - a bit arbitrary to
be honest. Do we make it a column wrapping object and pick a margin. If
we were to do that you could argue that just pasting a line that goes
miles off the page is dumb and shouldn't nee a user to press a button to
tell us it's dumb and they want it fixed.

And if the button doesn't solve that problem then no way is the price of
adding a new button to add such a seriously obscure feature, worth

I mean come on, how many people have text on a curve and have the text
going past the end of the curve?  I mean it's not exactly difficult to
extend the curve if needs be.


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> Gerry Iles wrote:
> > What you are saying basically amounts to making the fit 
> text to curve 
> > op also change the story from non-wrapping to wrapping.  This will 
> > make it impossible to create non-wrapping text on a curve.  
> I do not 
> > agree that is "No great loss" and I think we should get the 
> opinion of 
> > a wider range of users than those on this list before 
> removing this capability.
> If we had a wrap togglebutton on the info bar, we could wrap 
> or unwrap such text at will. Then Charles' suggestion could 
> be the default.
> Wrap/unwrap would be useful in itself.
> Alex