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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Startup problems due to help

Your are right. That is unacceptable and very poor work. We should know
better. (ABC of programming I know). All points will be fixed.


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> Subject: [XaraXtreme-dev] Startup problems due to help
> Since the latest change that enabled the help functionality 
> XaraLX fails to start up here. After some tracing through the 
> code I noticed that InitHelpPath insists on finding the 
> directory /usr/share/xaralx/doc/en, which does not exist here 
> - which is not a surprise since I cannot see how that should 
> have been created by the build process.
> Do we really want the application to refuse to start up just 
> because it cannot find its help files? We have done fine 
> without them up to now, so we should really allow the app to 
> start without them.
> Even worse, the error message is rather less than helpful: In 
> non-debug mode, an empty error box is displayed. In debug 
> mode, it reads "InformGeneral: This error has already been 
> reported". The trace says "Recursive InformGeneral - Error in 
> error handler! (1)".
> So, if we really insist on bombing out just because there is 
> no help file, we should at least have a proper error message.
> Martin