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[XaraXtreme-dev] Startup problems due to help

Since the latest change that enabled the help functionality XaraLX 
fails to start up here. After some tracing through the code I noticed 
that InitHelpPath insists on finding the directory 
/usr/share/xaralx/doc/en, which does not exist here - which is not a 
surprise since I cannot see how that should have been created by the 
build process.

Do we really want the application to refuse to start up just because 
it cannot find its help files? We have done fine without them up to 
now, so we should really allow the app to start without them.

Even worse, the error message is rather less than helpful: In 
non-debug mode, an empty error box is displayed. In debug mode, it 
reads "InformGeneral: This error has already been reported". The trace 
says "Recursive InformGeneral - Error in error handler! (1)".

So, if we really insist on bombing out just because there is no help 
file, we should at least have a proper error message.