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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Popup slider

OK having played with it now (it's in the 9pm build) I like what's there
- it's a very good step forward, and I think this control is going to be
very useful UI addition to wx. However there are some immediate issues I

- It's neither working Windows-like or Mac-like right now. Windows like
would be click-release to make it appear and it would then stay on
screen until you did some other operation. i.e. it would not disappear
when you have finished dragging as it does now. This is how Adobe
sliders work and so if we're going to do this style we really need to
work like theirs (it's what all Adobe users will be used to). This has a
few advantages actually - it stays on screen so you can keep adjusting
the values without it disappearing. It's only when you click elsewhere
that makes it go away.

- The border is vital. I agree this has to be done for our 0.7 release,
so this is urgent.  I'd also suggest, if it's possible, that the
background be a different contrast, slightly lighter colour, to further
emphasise and separate it from the background. I suspect a border on its
own is not going to be enough to distinguish it from the background.

- Also a point about when it does work Mac-like is that when it pops up
it should be positioned such that the mouse is directly over the current
slider position. This would be helpful in Windows-like mode as well.
Right now the pop-up is always exactly the same place always and so you
have to move the mouse left or right to get it over the slider thumb.
(This is not urgent).

So I think what's there is great, and I'd urge you Mart to carry on with
it and get it to completion as soon as possible. It will be a very nice
new wx widget.


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> Alex Bligh wrote:
> > There are several bugs we are both aware of. The main ones are that 
> > currently it only works in "Windows" mode (click release, 
> then click 
> > release), whereas somewhat confusingly Xtreme on Windows 
> only works in 
> > "Mac" mode. There is also a missing border (of any sort) around the 
> > control.
> Here are the bugs we are currently aware of, in approximate 
> degree of importance (most important first), tested against r1514:
> * Needs a border round the control so it doesn't get lost
>    against the background
> * Fix wxGTK bug so that SetLineSize works. This will make
>    the mouse wheel and keyboard handling work.
> * Needs to support the Mac way (i.e. current Xtreme way) of
>    setting values (click and drag) as well as the windows
>    way (click and release, then click/drag and release).
> * Current technical problem with styles in XRC. Clash needs
>    to be sorted by implementing <sliderstyle>
>    Add wxSL_AUTOTICKS while at it.
> * Should support vertical sliders as well as horizontal
> * Should be able to control the length of slider in XRC
> * Make "auto update" stuff work - & xrc flag for automatic updates
> My own view is that only the first needs fixing for 0.7.
> The second is a wxWidgets issue. The remainder are issues in 
> the pop-up slider code, but in my view can wait for after 0.7.
> Alex