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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Popup slider


- It's neither working Windows-like or Mac-like right now. Windows like
would be click-release to make it appear and it would then stay on
screen until you did some other operation. i.e. it would not disappear
when you have finished dragging as it does now. This is how Adobe
sliders work and so if we're going to do this style we really need to
work like theirs (it's what all Adobe users will be used to). This has a
few advantages actually - it stays on screen so you can keep adjusting
the values without it disappearing. It's only when you click elsewhere
that makes it go away.

Hmmm.... It originally did that, but when I was checking it against the
spec I read this (from the web site):

> The Windows-like way: The user clicks and releases the button, in
> which case the pop-up should appear and remain on screen until they
> either click again outside the bounds of the slider window, or have
> clicked and selected a value from the slider (i.e. on mouse-up on the
> actual slider). in other words they can do a click-release to make the
> slider appear, and now do a click-drag-release to select a value, at
> which point the pop-up disappears.
> (Worth noting this is not how sliders behave in Adobe Illustrator.
> They stay up until the next click outside the window, so they are
> rather more menu like to be honest, but then they keep the menu up
> even after a click on the slider. It only goes away with the first
> click outside the slider, so that's not menu-like at all.)

It's a one line change to fix the behaviour, but personally I like
your original idea best.

The trouble is the thing sticks around. Note even with the current
behaviour you can keep adjusting without things disappearing - just
keep the mouse button down. Adobe doesn't benefit from this because
it (presumably) doesn't update in real time.

I'll comment out the relevant bit of code and I'm betting you will
want it to revert to previous (far less annoying) behaviour.