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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] File type associations

> > Bad news, I tried the latest installer on Xubuntu (Ubuntu with XFCE
> > desktop environment) and it didn't work. Double-clicking on the XAR
> > file in Thunar (file manager) produces a dialog asking me which
> > application to use to open the file.
> >
> > Luke
> Some further investigation from Gids, has indicated that
> 'update-desktop-database' hasn't been run by the autopackage. Running
> this command fixes the file type association. Perhaps it would be good
> to put information this in some sort of readme or on the website.

Yes - works for me on FC4. Thanks Gids.

But it doesn't work on my SUSE 10.1 VM, running KDE desktop. The command
exists but doesn't fix the problem.

I should be able to add this to the install process of the autopackage.
But I'll report to autopackage too as a bug.

Can other people try this please?

Alex - I see that now it's working we get a separate instance of Xara LX
executed each time you double-click a XAR file. Charles mentioned this
and also that you'd said there was an easy fix. Is that the case?