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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Current/default font

Martin Wuerthner wrote:
Besides, I bet, the .xar file specification does not say that text objects may not inherit the default font attribute, so even today, someone could create a perfectly valid .xar file that would then not display correctly if we decided to change the default font.

<blinding flash of light>

We seem to be missing something here. We are only saying the default
font attribute should be changed if
a) the font specified is not installed
b) the font specified is not used within the document.

So how can a "perfectly valid" .xar document (not produced
by any Xara product, obviously, per Phil's test) which uses
just the default attributes be affected?
a) it would only change the default attribute if TNR is not
   installed. In which case it wouldn't have displayed right
b) if would only change it if TNR was not used. TNR is used
   (albeit by an inherited pre-change default attribute),
   so no substitution would be made.

IE the change we are suggesting making is ONLY EVER MADE WHEN THE
ATTRIBUTE IS UNUSED, AND UNUSABLE (because it's font is not
installed). Why can changing it then ever create a problem?

Even if someone "fixes" default attributes so they worked the way
you originally thought they did, it wouldn't actually break things.
Because then TNR /would/ be used in the document (saved without
any font attributes) because the text would rely on the
default (pre-change) TNR font attribute, so the font substitution
would not occur (it would say "TNR (missing)" or whatever).