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[XaraXtreme-dev] Building XarLib & SVG Filter in tree

I have been doing some work on enabling a single build to build both
XarLib and SVGFilter in tree. These are both DISABLED by default

Building XarLib in tree

This mostly works. Run configure with --enable-xarlib
It will build the xarlib library was well. It also successfully
builds the expandxar utility. I have know idea whether the /code/
actually works, or whether "make install" works. Testers

Building SVGFilter in tree

This currently only works if you have XarLib installed and
is poorly tested. Run configure with --enable-svgfilter
(you have to build XarLib too at the moment). The idea
is it will build svgfilter using the UNINSTALLED XarLib
(that's the yet-to-be-installed-XarLib). This will be useful
e.g. for distributions, given it's static linked,
and avoids the need for fakeroot etc.; It's not quite working
yet (I know what needs fixing).

Gerry - if you want to try XarLib in tree that would be useful.
Getting it so it works with 0.7 code (you said this was untested)
would also be good.