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[XaraXtreme-dev] Autopackage naming

On Wednesday at revision 1556 I changed the name of the autopackage from
xaralx to XaraXtreme. The internal root name of the package was left
unchanged, which should mean that autopackage recognises it as the same
package despite the name change. Unfortunately a bug in autopackage
means this is not the case, so you can end up with both "xaralx" and
"XaraXtreme" installed together instead of one replacing the other.

I changed the name back to xaralx yesterday at rev 1575. So those of you
that installed the latest autopackage between 1556 and 1575 may have 2
packages installed. 

You can list the autopackages you have installed using this command
"package list". And you can remove/uninstall a package using "package
remove <packagename>".

So if you have both installed, please do a "package remove XaraXtreme"
and then install the latest package.