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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Lock files

It's not a significant issue. Low priority certainly. 


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> --On 05 August 2006 10:59 +0100 Neil Howe <NeilH@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > With the latest LX, when it's restarted after a crash it shows a 
> > message about deleting a stale lock file. This wasn't happening a 
> > couple of weeks ago so what is this new lock file that gets left 
> > behind after a crash for?
> It's the single instance checker. The lock file tells it that 
> another instance of LX is running, so it tries to contact it. 
> But it is not responsive (because it's died), so it's telling 
> you it's deleting the lock file.
> I don't really know why WX produces this warning on non-debug 
> builds because I don't really see it tells the user anything 
> useful. Many linux applications (e.g. Thunderbird) seem to 
> disagree with me, and do the same thing. I haven't yet 
> discovered a way to silence it (it's produced from wx), and 
> given it only appears after a crash it should (hopefully) not 
> be too frequent a problem. It would be possible to patch wx 
> to remove it.
> Is it a significant issue?
> Alex