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[XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer - good news


This is the daily status regarding XaraLX XCode project.

First I want to say that I successfully completed to compile and run for the first time XaraLX XCode project. The menus are working, you can select tools but it crashes when trying to load a project. Also when starting the application I get an error that could not find ImageMagic 6.0.0.

For this I built wxWidgets using terminal make files:
../configure --enable-monolithic --disable-shared --enable-unicode --enable-postscript --enable-debug-flag --enable-precomp-headers
and had the wx_macud-2.6.a library as the result.

Then when building XaraLX I received: undefined symbols wxUSE_HOTKEY.
For this I again configure wxWidgets and then I set the value of wxUSE_HOTKEY to 1 in "wxMac-2.6.3/osx-build/lib/wx/include/mac-unicode-debug-static-2.6/wx/setup.h" .
After that I ran make again for wxWidgets and then built XaraLX project.